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  • BIG ON OUTDOORS Gardening Monsoon Gardening Tips For Lush Green Gardens

    With the approaching monsoons a lively and vibrant mood sets in. Monsoons are always the most welcoming season of the year considering the reducing amount of rainfall that our cities have seen in the past few years. Ceaseless deforestation and increasing number of high rise structures are a root cause of change in the weather and climatic imbalance. People these days crave to welcome the raindrops with open arms. Having said that if one has the space then a terrace garden or a lawn can be beautifully designed with the help of terrace garden designers so that one can have a perfect outdoor green space for self relaxation and enjoyment. Having your own garden at home is like a luxury which should be embraced if one can.

    Imagine spending time on your terrace garden in the monsoons. Would not it be such a beautiful and pleasant sight. The aroma of moist soil and greener plants will be such a calming and eye catching sight. You can enjoy the rainy season to the maximum if you have your terrace garden. It’s always a better option that going out on the muddy roads to enjoy the rains.

    All the outdoor products and design elements are weather proof and can withstand harsh circumstances. Monsoons are also a friendly time for your green plants as well as the most beautiful part of the year. However, there a few considerations that need to be kept in mind for terrace design and monsoon gardening.

    1. Covered Terrace

    From design point of view its always advisable to have a covered sitting on your terrace garden so that you can enjoy the space irrespective of the weather. In case of monsoons too sitting under a covered outdoor structure like a pergola or a gazebo would be a perfect idea. One can go in for retractable roof which gives the option of both a covered as well as open roof.

    2. Outdoor Furniture

    Being careful about choosing the right outdoor furniture is important. The material of the outdoor furniture should be maintenance free and waterproof. Faux cane outdoor furniture is one of a safer option of garden furniture. Also, using outdoor furniture covers is an extra protection that can be given to your outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture covers should be of exact size of the furniture. If its too large then water can seep in and if it too small or tight then it can cause abrasion to your furniture.

    3. Flooring

    Just as you are careful about your furniture and other loose garden elements the flooring should also be given due importance. Although, most of the outdoor flooring material are weather proof however, an important consideration is that they should be non slippery also. Choosing the right outdoor flooring finish becomes important during the monsoons.

    4. Timely Pruning

    Trimming and pruning is an important activity that should be carried out before the monsoon season sets in. This is to avoid the bushes and the plants don’t grow wildly as soon as the first shower flows. Removal of dead leaves and dead growth after the summers helps in nourished growth of the plants during monsoons.

    5. Friendly Earthworms

    Earthworms are your plant’s best friends.They will help in fertilising the soli naturally and they will also help in the aerating the soil. So if there are few earthworms in your terrace garden then well and good. If you find them concentrated at one place then pick them up and spread them around the garden to allow fertilisation of soil at all places.

    6. Harmful Little Creatures

    Monsoons also give rise to harmful insects and worms which can cause hinderance in the healthy growth of your plants. Effective pest control measures needs to be taken to avoid any damage by these unwanted monsoon creatures. The best method to kill insects is to keep a bowl of kerosene and place a light insect killer near it. The insects get attracted by the smell and light and get eliminated.

    7. Weeding is Important

    Keep an eye on the weeds that tend to have a rampant growth at the time of monsoons. They tend to take up the nutrient and fresh water of the plants further causing hinderance in their growth. So, weeding and removal of extra plant growth should be a part of your monsoon gardening activity.

    8. Watering

    It’s advisable to water the plants only once a day during the rainy season. However if there is heavy pouring then there is no need to water the plants the next day. Secondly its essential to remove the extra water that gets clogged in the pots. Tiling the soil once in two three days is also important during this season.

    9. Effective Drainage

    Just before the monsoon sets in one needs to be certain of the drainage system in the terrace garden. Its technically advisable to ensure that the water is finding its way out and clogging in the soil. Clogged water can rot the plants and also become a breeding ground for the insects.

    10. Protection to Saplings

    Monsoons are the best season to plant new green as well as flowering plants. However, these little babies need extra care during the monsoons. Its important to keep them secured from heavy pouring. Covering the little saplings with perforated cloth is the best way to do it.

    11. Treat Yourself

    Lastly treat yourself the most during this happy time of the year. After all monsoons is the most welcoming season which would definitely attract you towards your terrace garden. So, have the most of this time amidst cool breeze, aroma of flowers and wet soil and a perfect barbecue.

    12. Spruce up

    Adding decorative garden elements during the monsoons to make your terrace garden visually appealing. These elements can be a birdbath, fountains, outdoor lights, a swanky outdoor furniture to cover your furniture and some decorative pebbles.

    Plants and Flowers to grow during monsoon :

    Hibiscus, Bela, Champa, Madhumalti (climber), Mogra are a few plants that can be grown during the monsoons. Gourd, Black Eyed Peas (Lobiya) and Pumpkin are a few vegetables that can be grown during the rainy season.

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